Mala Bracelet - Amethyst & Opal "Protect & Soothe"

Mala Bracelet - Amethyst & Opal "Protect & Soothe"


This beautiful handcrafted Mala Bracelet (also known as yoga beads or meditation beads) consists of Amethyst, Pink Opal, and the Hamsa Hand. 


Amethyst provides spiritual protection against negative energy. It awakens higher consciousness, assists in wise decision-making free of emotional confusion, and facilitates meditation and intuition. Amethyst also helps with nightmares and insomnia, and balancing the crown chakra. Pink Opal known as the tranquility stone, helps to calm and soothe your emotional body, clearing and calming the heart to bring a sense of love, peace and hope. The Hamsa hand also provides protection, and brings happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.


Please allow 3-4 days for processing 


Made in the USA | Handmade | 20 beads, 8mm round | Sterling Silver Spacers | Approximately 8in length


***All healing properties information listed has been collected from various sources and is offered for informational purposes only. All beads are genuine and some may vary in color.


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