Rose Quartz Lava Stone Bracelet

Rose Quartz Lava Stone Bracelet


This beautiful Rose Quartz lava stone bracelet comes with the option to add on essential oils that have been carefully paired with these stones. They can also be infused with your favorite essential oils (pair with essential oils that align with the properties of the stones on your bracelet to enhance your needs).


Lava stones have amazing healing properties, they bring emotional tranquility, relaxation, a sense of calmness, provide strength, courage, reduces anger and negativity from your life. Lava stones are also a part of the root chakra and crown chakra.  


Using your essential oil bracelet: Add 1 drop of your favorite essential oil to each lava stone(s), breathe and enjoy the amazing benefits of your essential oil(s) all day long!


Band is stretchy cord. Beads are 8mm round, and comes in a variety of stones/choices, with or without sterling silver spacers. Essential oil vial hold 30 drops. 

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